FRIENDS Themed Turkey Mask Is The Perfect Halloween Costume [PIC]

On the heels of Friends’25th Anniversary pandemonium, the sitcom’s iconic Thanksgiving turkey scene is now a Halloween costume, available on for $38.99.

As fans will remember, Monica Geller (Courteney Cox) goes as far as shoving an uncooked turkey on her head to cheer up then-boyfriend Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) after unintentionally causing him to lose a toe. Also worth noting: she accessorized the bird with a red fez hat and yellow sunglasses.

The hilarious charade in the season 5 episode titled “The One with All the Thanksgivings” prompts Chandler to accidentally tell Monica that he loves her for the first time ever — and the rest is history.

Now, in what might be the simplest but most effective Halloween costume ever, Firebox is givingFriendsfans a chance to recreate the memorable scene with this “Giant Turkey Mask” (fez hat and see-through mesh sunglasses attached).

Photo by Firebox

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