“Sanctuary City for the Unborn" movement could spread across Texas

A growing number of town councils have been passing abortion bans.

A pro-life city ordinance that started in East Texas is gaining traction in other rural areas.

Texas Right to Life legislative and political associate Rebecca Parma said she sees the "sanctuary city for the unborn" movement could expand to other places.

“The cities are working with carefully worded ordinances on purpose to protect themselves, but also to protect their pre-born citizens,” said Parma. “I think a lot of these city councils, as well, are willing to do something kind of intimidating like passing an ordinance, even if it means being threatened with a lawsuit, though, no lawsuits have actually been filed against any of these cities, thus far.”

She said it all depends on the city’s makeup. For example, urban cities tend to be more liberal and rural cities tend to be more conservative.

“I think each city, even if they tend to be in more of a suburban or urban area, is going to have to look at the ordinance and their city council makeup for themselves and see if it’s something that they could consider and pass,” said Parma.

Parma said bigger cities, like Austin, however are pushing back and the liberal city council has allocated funds in the Capitol City’s budget for anti-life stances. Other anti-life organizations are also threatening to sue.

Texas Alliance for Life Executive Director Joe Pojman said voters need to continue voting pro-life politicians into office.

“What we’re really encouraging grass roots to concentrate on is re-electing pro-life members to the Texas Legislature because we want to pass a total ban on abortion, triggered by the events that Roe versus Wade is overturned. A trigger ban on abortion,” said Pojman. “We also want grass roots to concentrate on re-electing President Donald Trump because Trump has a proven track record of nominating federal judges who will take an honest look at Roe versus Wade and re-evaluating that awful decision.”


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