Small pro-life victory in Texas poll on abortion

A Texas Tribune poll found nearly half of Texans support banning abortion once the baby's heartbeat is detected--at six weeks old.

Twelve hundred registered voters were polled statewide...including from conservative rural areas.

"Texans do support protecting unborn babies from abortion and making compassionate alternatives available and that's what the Legislature is doing, as much as the Supreme Court allows it to do," said Dr. Joe Pojman with Texas Alliance for Life.

Women slightly favored banning abortion once the baby's heartbeat is detected.

Pojman said that’s not surprising.

"The pro-life movement is constituted by women. It's basically a movement of women. The majority of the leaders in the pro-life movement are women," said Pojman.

The poll found a very strong majority of Republicans support protection of unborn babies, unlike the Democrats—according to the poll.

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