$95 'Dad Hoodie' Has Hidden Pockets for Diapers

Congratulations dad-to-be! You’re about to embark on the amazing journey of fatherhood. You can tell that everything in your world is about to change because you are drowning in stuff. At the baby shower, you received board books, blankets, bottles, piles of diapers and pacifiers, and, of course, butt paste.

You stop and think to yourself: Wow, babies require a lot of things. How will you ever carry everything around comfortably?

But wait a second: Help has arrived. It comes in the shape ofa $95 hoodie.And it’s not just any old gray sweatshirt, it’s the Dad Hoodie. Wearing it allows you to look and feel like your old self, but it is ingeniously equipped withhidden mesh pockets designed to fit diapers, baby wipes, sippy cups, and even a storybook or two, along with your wallet and phone.“It’s meant to hold everything you need to take your kids to the playground or library for a few hours,” says Dad Hoodie inventor Taylor Llewellyn.



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