Abortion debate heats up; what will Texas do?

The issue of abortion is heating up as Alabama passes a law making it illegal to have an abortion including in cases of rape. That leads to a question about Texas. What will lawmakers do before the legislative session ends later this month?

Well, the legislature is close to sending the "born alive" bill to Governor Abbott's Desk. Joe Pojman with Texas Alliance for Life says it's a necessary step.

“It’s an excellent bill. It protects a child that was born alive after an abortion, something Texas should have done a long time ago,” Pojman stated.

That is the only pro-life bill that will likely be passed this session. We asked Pojman why lawmakers would not bring up a more restrictive bill like what was passed in Alabama.

“We admire their intent. Strategically it’s not wise. Texas has taken the better route. We are doing what is possible,” Pojman explained, adding that right now the votes aren't on the Supreme Court to ban abortion; an issue that is now going to take center stage in the 2020 campaign.


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