The 7 Most Common Pregnancy Dreams

Dreams are often considered to be a window into our subconscious. Some believe that they show the future, while others think of them as a manifestation of the brain’s creativity. Either way, they can become quite strange, especially if you are pregnant.

Some of the common pregnancy dreams can be extremely vivid. And, some even terrifying.

For instance, some women see themselves giving birth to alien babies (yes!), some see stillborn babies and others only notice a reflection of their happy newborn. These crazy dreams may not necessarily be an indicator of your pregnancy but a result of your new lifestyle and sleep pattern.

As Dr Priyanka Mehta, gynecologist,, India explains, “During pregnancy, a woman experiences tremendous physical and psychological changes. Apart from that, there is a fear about giving birth to a child. Thus, these fears get reflected in vivid dreams as her mind assimilates new feelings and experiences.”

In addition to this, soon-to-be mums also wake up multiple times in the night due to cramps or for trips to the bathrooms. This results in interrupted sleep and as a result, they remember every dream during their sleep cycle. As an expecting mother, you also have a lot on your mind. So if you often encounter vivid dreams, make a journal of your dreams.

Note down even the smallest of detail from your dream and pay attention to every object, animal or person. Once you’ve made your list, compare it to our list of seven most common pregnancy dreams to know what they mean.

Let’s take a look some of the common pregnancy dreams and what they mean and how they can impact your pregnancy.

1. A boy or a girl

If you dream about a baby girl or boy, it doesn’t necessarily indicate that this is the gender of your baby. It’s more nuanced than that. For instance, if you are dreaming about having a girl, chances are you are channeling your inner child. Or reminiscing about your childhood or even dreaming of actually having a girl.

In case of dreaming about a boy, it could be indicative of your intuition or your position in your household. It could also mean that you desire a boy.

But as most dreams go, noticing a particular gender doesn’t mean an accurate prediction of your baby’s gender. It is mostly metaphorical and not literal. So don’t go about announcing the gender of your baby based on your dream.

2. Baby animals and aliens

Most expecting mums dream about baby animals and even aliens at times. This doesn’t mean they are about to give birth to either. They are often a manifestation of your emotions.

For some women, dreams about birthing animals is like giving your brain a trail run of the actual process. Taking care of a baby is much more difficult than caring for an animal. So your brain is in a way preparing your for it. And the most common animal many women see is the cat. It’s small and cute, like a newborn.

Some women also see talking animals in their dream. It could a symbol of wisdom, which means you see yourself as a animal and advice your own self to trust your gut.

Finally, many women also dream about seeing aliens. This is not uncommon. But it doesn’t mean you’ll birth a physically deformed child. It may be that you feel that the baby is like a foreign body within you. Or sometimes when you see the ultrasound (where your baby almost looks like an alien), you could be tempted to dream about him like that.

In all cases, the interpretation is that you think of the baby is a different entity.

3. Losing or forgetting your baby

One of the most common pregnancy dreams is to see yourself losing your child or forgetting him in a public place. This can be terrifying and is perhaps a mother’s greatest fear.

But this particular dream can be interpreted in one or two ways. Now, taking care of a newborn can be a terrifying task. You know that the little human you just birthed is a 100 percent dependent on you and that scares many young mums-to-be.

You have the classic case of anxiety and nothing else. The pressures of impending motherhood can overwhelm you to think this way. It could also mean that you feel you are too immature to be able to handle a baby on your own.

But know that with motherhood, come such natural fears. Your underlying fear of caring for your newborn has manifested into this dream and it doesn’t mean you are a bad mother. And if you do see such dreams, perhaps you can take them into account and be more careful when your baby arrives.

4. Falling

During the nine months of your pregnancy and even after that, you undergo immense hormonal and physical changes. You may often feel tired and overwhelmed and may not get enough sleep to feel energized.

In such a scenario you may dream about “falling”. This is not an actual or real interpretation of your situation. It is in fact, an indication of your fear of losing control.

It could be because you feel an unknown human has invaded your body. This panic-inducing dream is a reflection of uncertainty that you feel. It may also mean that you feel that you may fail as a mother. But again, that is an irrational fear that overcomes a mum-to-be.

But this could be a good thing. That’s because through your nightmares, your fears come to light and you won’t be in denial to face them. If such a dream concerns you, speak to a friend or a counsellor so that you’ll feel better.

5. Giving birth to twins

Some old-wives tales suggest that this is a premonition about the birth of twins. But this is not the case.

If you often dream of giving birth to twins, it could mean an impending fear of childbirth. Perhaps you are already fearful of the responsibilities that come with taking care of a newborn. And if you are thinking of multiple births, you may be thinking about multiple challenges. It could also mean you picture yourself as the other child.

Similarly, if you think about birthing triplets or quadruplets, it could symbolize your religious beliefs or ideologies. In most cultures, three is an auspicious number, so this dream could be reflective of that. Three babies may also represent struggles.

6. Your baby getting hurt

Another one of the common pregnancy dreams is to see your child getting hurt. You are at a sensitive stage of your life and emotions are all over the place so it's natural to feel pressured and scared.

When you dream about seeing your child get hurt, it can be even more stressful. Once again, this isn’t an omen at all. Neither is it a look into the future or the past karmic reflection.

You are simply questioning your own competency as a mother in this dream. You might be unsure of your abilities to care for your baby and you see that reflected in your dream. This dream, in fact, can be taken as a good sign.

It is a sign that your protective and caring side as a mother has kicked in. That you care and are concerned if something ever happened to your child. You fear for your baby’s safety and are willing to do all that’s possible to protect him.

This could be spooky, but if you wake up from this dream feeling anxious, calm yourself down with a drink of water and some deep breathing. At the same time, most mothers are extremely intuitive when it comes to their unborn child. So if you suspect something wrong, go for a checkup and clear your mind.

7. Water

Many soon-to-be mothers also dream about water. We begin our lives inside our mother’s womb and in the amniotic sac with the amniotic fluid. So thinking about water means more than just one thing.

The baby is inside the womb in “amniotic water” and then it breaks to start active labour. If you have a dream where you feel your water breaking, it could mean that you fear your water will break at an unsuitable place. Or it could also indicate your connection with water. In a way, this dream indicates that water is a crucial part of your entire pregnancy.

But on the other hand, water can also be a symbol of cleansing and indicative of a new life or form. If you see yourself floating in a form of water and feel relaxed or connected to nature, it could mean you are ready for natural labour.

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