Survey Finds College Conservatives Hide Views, Feel Unwelcome on Campus

New polling confirms that being a conservative college student in the U.S. is not easy.

OneClass, a Toronto-based online education platform, found less than half of Republican students feel welcome on campus -- a third of whom feel unsafe.

“Conservatives really are a minority on campus. There aren't many of them and many of them don't even show their own political views with their friends,” says Jerry Zheng, regional growth specialist at OneClass.

Essentially, college conservatives feel the deck is stacked against them.

“Most faculty members on college campuses are liberal,” says Zheng. “We also found that 33 percent of Republicans feel that their student government seats were elected with a political bias compared to Democratic peers.”

Out of 1,500 respondents across more than 200 schools, conservative students were also twice as likely to transfer schools after a political encounter than were liberals.

The survey comes two weeks after a conservative activist was attacked on the campus of UC-Berkley.



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