McDonald's Shamrock Shake Is Officially Back on the Menu

McDonald’s customers craving the fast food giant’s famous Shamrock Shake struck gold this week.

The popular minty green milkshake — made from McDonald’s vanilla soft serve blended with Shamrock Shake syrup and topped with whipped topping — is officially back on the menu, the company announced on Twitter, Thursday.

Shamrock Shakes have have earned an impressive cult following over the years since McDonald’s first debuted the beverage in 1970. Like the McRib, Shamrock Shakes only come to the Golden Arches for a limited time.

This year, they’ll be available in stores through March 24.

To help those thirsty for its creamy confection track them down, McDonald’s has introduced a feature on its app that tracks which locations are selling the beverage based on zip code.

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