Fla. Girl, 14, Steals Pizza Delivery Man's Car-Drives to Boyfriend's House

Lehigh Acres,FL -- Needing a ride to her boyfriend’s house, a Florida Girl yesterday ordered pizzas to a neighbor’s house and then popped out of some nearby bushes and stole the car driven by a Papa John’s deliveryman, police allege.

As detailed in a police report , Josie Bigelow, 14, placed the phony food order early Wednesday to lure the victim to a street near her home in Lehigh Acres, a Fort Myers suburb.

As the driver walked to the front door of a residence with pizza in hand, Bigelow emerged from some nearby woods and hopped into the 49-year-old deliveryman’s unlocked 2006 Ford Taurus.

Bigelow was subsequently arrested about six miles from the heist scene, where investigators say she sought to ditch the hot wheels in a stranger’s driveway. Before getting collared, the girl twice escaped from a pursuing sheriff’s deputy.

The teenager, seen above, was arrested around 3:15 AM for grand theft auto and booked into the local juvenile detention center (from which she was released after a few hours in custody).

In an interview with a local TV station, Bigelow’s father said the juvenile “needs an ass whipping...That and jail.” Joseph Bigelow also told police that his daughter “has fallen in with a bad crowd” and mentioned “how bad her behavior had been recently.”

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