Christie Brinkley on Turning 65: 'I'll Be Turning 50 for the 15th Time'

Christie Brinkley is celebrating a milestone birthday this weekend: The supermodel turns 65 on February 2nd.

Brinkley started the festivities a few days early when she attended a birthday party held in her honor at the Gramercy Park Hotel on Tuesday night.

“Groundhog’s Day is my birthday, and I’ll be turning 50 for the 15th time,” Brinkley joked at the bash, where she wore a sparkly mini that showed off her long, toned legs.

However, Brinkley is keen to spread the message that age is just a number. In fact, she says her real age is her “spirit age” – which is younger than 65.

“Everybody pays so much attention to your number,” she said. “I like to say, ‘That’s just my biological age, but my spirit age is totally different.’ Your spiritual age comes from everything about you, not just this assigned number because that’s how long you’ve been around, kicking around this crazy old world.”

“Your spirit age is how you’ve kicked around the world,” she explains. “It’s what you’ve gathered and how you move and your point of view, your enthusiasm, your gratitude, your appreciation. It’s your energy, your aura and that’s your true age. Not that other arbitrary number.”

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