Taylor Swift Prevails in $1M Legal Battle With Real Estate Agent

Taylor Swift has emerged victorious in a $1 million lawsuit accusing her of screwing over a famed New York realtor, with a judge siding with the singer and throwing out the case.

On January 24, a federal court judge ruled that Swift had no obligation to pay commission to the agent when she bought her $18 million New York townhome back in 2017.

The order states the real estate agent failed to provide enough evidence to back up his claims. The judge said the only alleged contract with Swift’s company is an informal email from an employee to one of the singer’s representatives.

The order says the email does not show that Swift promised to pay them a seven-figure commission or that she would use them exclusively as an agent.

As The Blast first reported, big-time real estate company Douglas Elliman sued Taylor Swift’s Firefly Entertainment, claiming they got screwed out of the commission when Swift purchased a New York townhouse in 2017.

They claimed Swift “wrongfully excluded” them from the $18 million sale and sued for $1,080,000 in the unpaid commission they believe they are owed.

Swift’s company demanded the case be dismissed, claiming the agent involved arranged one showing and only provided basic information about the property … and never had any contact with Swift ever again.

Almost nine months later, Swift purchased the property with another agent. She pointed out that Elliman didn’t even claim to have participated in the negotiation or consummation of the sale.

The case is officially closed.

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