Here's How to Score a Super Bowl Mystery Box From Burger King and DoorDash

Burger King is teaming up with DoorDash for an exclusive Super Bowl LIII promotion that includes a new Burger King Whopper commercial set to air during the big game and a Super Bowl Mystery Box giveaway.

While the content of the Mystery Box remains unknown at this time, you can score one by ordering $10 or more from any participating Burger King location via DoorDash using the promo code MYSTERYBOX. Then wait for your Mystery Box to arrive with instructions to follow.

There appears to be some sort of a tie-in between the content of the Mystery Box and BK’s first Super Bowl commercial in 13 years – based on details gleaned from a related press release.

“This limited-edition Mystery Box creates a unique, engaging and innovative experience, and we are excited to launch it nationwide for our customers,” Christopher Payne, DoorDash Chief Operating Officer said in a prepared statement.

With that in mind, be sure to keep your Mystery Box handy during the big game, and everything will presumably start to make sense.

Meanwhile, I’ve also learned that the Mystery Box itself will be shipped via Fedex to the address to which the corresponding Burger King order was delivered. According to DoorDash, each box has a value of approximately $30.

Additionally, DoorDash is offering free delivery with any qualifying Burger King order of $10 or more through February 4, 2019.

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