BACHELOR Colton Underwood's Skincare Routine Costs $575


• Apparently, Underwood, 26, is very dedicated to his seven-step skincare routine.

• The products, include a Glycelene Beauty Serum ($125), Rejuvenation Crème ($95) and eye serum ($85) 


It takes a lot of work to have 30 single women vying to be your wife.

Colton Underwood, the current star of the “The Bachelor,” sticks to a disciplined skincare regimen in order to look his best on-screen, according to the show’s longtime makeup artist Gina Modica.

“Before every new season, I always go over with the Bachelor or Bachelorette which looks they’re comfortable with, and we talk about how we’re going to maintain them,” Modica told Popsugar. “I’m with our Bachelorettes every day, so it’s easy to keep the look, but the Bachelors are on their own during dates. I only saw Colton a few times a week for the rose ceremonies, so he was on his own when it came to day-to-day grooming.”

Apparently, Underwood, 26, is very dedicated to his seven-step skincare routine. The products, which total a whopping $575, include a Glycelene Beauty Serum ($125), Rejuvenation Crème ($95) and eye serum ($85) by the same brand. After using various other products from Glycelene, Underwood finishes with a healthy dosage of Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster ($55).

When Bachelor Nation stars aren’t having their best skin day, Modica swoops in with a Temptu airbrush machine to apply a light layer of foundation and concealer. “Men definitely wear make up for TV,” Modica said. “I probably work on as many men — sometimes even more — than I do on women depending on the [‘Bachelor’ franchise],” the makeup artist told the outlet.

Though ABC provides their lead with clothing, hair and makeup, the other contestants have to bring their own — and share with each other. Wells Adams, who appeared on Season 12 to compete for JoJo Fletcher‘s affection and is now dating “Modern Family” star Sarah Hyland, told Page Six Style that he bought virtually “every suit at H&M that they had” for a total of about $700 to prep for the competition.

Besides spending hundreds or even thousands on clothes, the men of the ABC franchise pool their resources when it comes down to the wire. “I lent out my suit to James Taylor for two of the rose ceremonies,” Robby Hayes, who appeared on the same season as Adams, told us. “I was lending out ties to guys, pocket squares, the whole nine. We helped each other, even though we weren’t interested in helping each other.”

As far as Underwood is concerned, his dedication likely comes from his past experience as an NFL tight end. “I would say that the pressures are sort of similar, but I think ‘The Bachelor’ has been the toughest for me to adjust to in the way of, as far as pressure goes, there’s always the next play, next game,” he told Page Six.

The pre-game routine is just a little different.

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