Missing pet iguana in Sugarland/Richmond area!

If you are in the Sugar Land/ Richmond area be on the lookout for Nadia the Iguana, who escape her cage and is now on the loose. Reptilian features, 3 1/5 feet long, escape artist.

She bleongs to 13 year old Michele Cummings. Nadia is a rescue. She was neglected and since being adopted it's taken sometime for Nadia and Michele to build trust - there is a possibility Nadia may show aggression towards those she doesn't know. Michele says she's doesn't bite the family but you? She can't guarantee. So Michele is encouraging those who come in contact to please take a photo, note the location and contact the family. 

If you see Nadia please contact Michele's mom Angie at 832-401-4804

Here is a photo and more INFO! about Nadia.


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