The Simpsons Predict, Mexico Advances In The Fifa World Cup

The Simpsons are notorious for predicting the future and it looks like the next victim is the Fifa World Cup. After winning two games consecutively, Mexico had a terrible time facing Sweden and lost three to zero. Mexico gained an immense hype after defeating Germany, the 2014 world cup champion. The Simpsons aired an episode in 1997 where the Fifa World Cup commercial aired, the ad had Mexico VS. Portugal as the two finalists.

To put in perspective how insane this World Cup has been, here is a breakdown of the advancement of Mexico and you tell me if this is destiny or not: 

Mexico beat Germany

Germany beat Sweden

Sweden beat Mexico

Mexico beat South Korea

South Korea beat Germany

In order for Mexico to have been eliminated, Germany had to beat South Korea, but the final score was one to nothing South Korea winning. This resulted in Mexico advancing to the next round even though they lost against Sweden 3 to 0. It looks like The Simpsons might not be wrong after all, because Mexico is now in the next round. There is absolutely no doubt that Portugal might make it to the finals, due to the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo is a very strong member of the team. Do you think this prediction might happen? Watch the episode below:

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