FBI agent drops his gun on the dance floor. It goes off.

Captured on video, the off-duty FBI agent is dancing for a crowd, and during a flip, his gun falls to the floor. The agent scrambles to retrieve it, and seems to hit the trigger when he goes to pick it up. The video shows the muzzle flash as the weapon is discharged. 

The gunshot hit a bystander in the leg, police told The Denver Post. “He appears to have non-life threatening injuries,” Marika Putman, a Denver Police Department spokeswoman, told the publication. In a press release, police said the injured man had a "good prognosis."

In the video, seemingly more embarrassed than concerned, the off-duty agent quickly holsters his gun as some patrons flee and others appear shocked and confused. He then walks off the dance floor with his hands up, as if to communicate "my bad".



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