Houston Heroes - Stories of Bravery and Generosity From Our Community

Photo by Cole Zito

From listener Cole.

"Our amazing neighbors, Linda and Mike Fox were one of about 4 houses on our street in Bellaire that didn't flood. I am a single mom with an 11 year old daughter and we live in an older one story home three doors down from them. About 9am, the water was rising and getting close to coming in our house. I called the Fox's and they sent 2 of their sons down with a raft to get us. They took us in as well as a family across the street and their dog and two other kids. They kept us safe, dry, fed, bathed and loved for several days. When we were finally able to get back to our home to survey the damage, they were there to help us drag stuff out to the street and sort through everything left behind. In addition, there is a widower down the street from us who did not have flood insurance. 

They helped organize a group of people including their own kids and my daughter to help demo her house since she is elderly and without insurance it would be very costly. Once we were able to see how much damaged we did get, my landlord said we would have to move out. In less than 24 hours, we boxed up what we had left, found a storage unit and movers. We even got a hotel room but finding a place to live for a bit was proving to be a challenge. As I was stressing out about where we were going to live etc., the Fox's came to the rescue again. The Fox's let my daughter and I live in their townhome for 2 months for free. I don't know what we would have done without them."

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