The New Amazon Store With No Check-Out Lanes Is Open

Amazon just opened up their new new brick & mortar store called Amazon Go.

There are no cashiers and no checkout lanes.

You just use an app to scan your item and pay.


You'll have to go to Seattle to experience it though. Hopefully, it'll be successful enough that it will spread quickly.

Do you remember when self-checkout lanes became a thing? I always felt bad about using them because I thought it was taking away the job of the cashier. However, since there were never enough real cashiers anyways, I changed my opinion.

My HEB in Katy used to have an automated checkout lane. I would put my items on the belt, and it would scan them as they passed by the reader. I thought that was pretty high tech, but it's not there anymore.

I try to live an honest life. If a cashier doesn't charge me for something or gives me too much change, I'll let them know. But if a machine screws up, I look at it as a gift!

Here's another look at Amazon Go....


Personally, I love this idea. I'm not much of a shopper, so I like to grab and go.

We have a somewhat similar thing here at work. It's an open concept snack area that works on the "honor system" (whatever that is).

Are you cool with the idea of cashier-less stores or do you prefer the human interaction?



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