Uma Thurman's daughter makes acting debut, is her mother's spitting image

From Meryl Steep to Reese Witherspoon, it seems like nearly every A-list actress has a daughter who looks like an exact replica.

Now, Uma Thurman — Hollywood A-lister and Golden Globe award winner — and her 19-year-old daughter are joining them in the ranks. 

Maya Thurman-Hawke —whose father is the renowned actor Ethan Hawke — is making her acting debut as Jo March in the Louisa May Alcott classic "Little Women," set to air on BBC.

However big the role might be, the biggest surprise is Thurman-Hawke's resemblance to her mother. It's as if someone traveled back to 1988 and cloned Thurman. 

It looks like she got some good genes. Hopefully the same goes for her acting career.

An air date has still not been set for the "Little Women" show.


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