Pink ladies toast birthday girl Tammie Johnson,raise $12,000 for KNOWAutism

All that Tammie Johnson wanted for her birthday was to raise funds for KNOWAutism.

So she leveraged a prior silent auction win - lunch and a fashion show at Tootsies - from Project 88's 2016 "Game Day Gala" - to sell tickets for KNOWAutism's February 2017 soiree. Johnson smartly offered a luncheon chair to the first 10 of her girlfriends who purchased tickets to the upcoming winter fundraiser, with one caveat: pink attire required.

Seats to last week's midday affair went quickly. Mandy Kao, Farida Abjani, Jacquie Baly, Alice Mao Brams, Peta-gay Ledbetter, Lois de Armas, Tracy Faulkner, Brittany Randolph, Kathy Pang, and yours truly each donned shades of blush, fuchsia, and rose for an exclusive fashion presentation inside Tootsies' West Ave. post.

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