Garth Brooks Let a Fan in a Prom Dress Shoot the Confetti Cannon at the Crowd

  A girl in Champaign, Illinois won prom this year, thanks to GARTH BROOKS.  Her name is Kate and she went to his concert and held up a sign that read, "Gonna be late to prom.  Garth comes first."  

He stopped the show to thank her . . . and asked if her date was there.  She didn't have one, which isn't uncommon these days.  So, he told her if the prom sucked she could come to the second show that night and shoot the cannon.

Obviously, she totally blew off the prom and took him up on his offer.  And she insisted on firing the cannon while wearing the prom dress.  It happened during "Friends In Low Places" and her mom got to fire one too. 

Garth even posed for a prom photo with Kate backstage.

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