Lady Gaga Getting Ready For Houston Super Bowl

According to Billboard, Gaga is doing some serious prep for her halftime performance at Super Bowl LI.  It sounds like she'll be ready for action when she gets to town.

The singer has been giving her Instagram followers a peek behind the scenes.  One post shows Gaga and her dancers in front of a huge tented structure, with a caption explaining that they built a dance floor in her backyard to make round-the-clock rehearsals easier.  Other posts show her working out hard with a trainer and a couple of intriguing shots show her on horseback.  That last one might seem unrelated, but the caption on the first horseback riding pic calls it a halftime warm-up.

No one knows for sure what to expect from the halftime performance.  One of the more outlandish rumors making the rounds has the singer performing on the roof of NRG Stadium.  It definitely won't be boring.



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