Hey Gang -- thanks for clicking on my page.

One of the greatest gifts my parents gave me and my brother growing up was the ability to play a musical instrument.  Like most kids,  we HATED taking piano lessons,  especially when our friends were outside playing ball and we HAD to sit for thirty minutes a day pounding out tunes.  About four years into it - something clicked and there I was - actually enjoying it.    We HAD to take lessons for ten years!

My kids hate taking lessons - but - we make them do it because we know how much they'll love to play as they get older.   I've convinced my son that playing piano or guitar is a great way to get the girls to notice you.  

Look at how sad my daughter Sarah-Leanne is at our recent recital.   Right.  She loves it.  And - I get to be a proud Dad who has the honor of doing duets with my kids.  

And yes --- it didn't hurt my chances of getting a girl to notice me;  the girl that eventually became my wife.