Here's what Houston is talking about today...

Kim Kardashian is so concerned with losing her baby weight that she uses a scale 14 times a day! And, it's not just one scale...she has seven. And she weighs herself on each scale twice. She also has amassed a collection of different types of scales too.

Cher was recently on Dancing With The Stars strutting her stuff on the dance floor. She wore high heels for her performance but will have to put those back in the box for a while. She's having foot surgery. She injured her foot many... many... many years ago when a stage prop fell on it, and has been dealing with the pain ever since.

The worst speedtraps in Houston have been compiled by the Chronicle. here are a few:

Almeda Road near Fresno

I-45 South before Beltway 8

I-45 between The Woodlands and Conroe

West Little York between Eldridge & Highway 6

Briar Forest between Beltway 8 & Gessner

South Loop 610 at South Post Oak

Bunker Hill & I-10 area