Over the weekend, my kids and I saved a hummingbird.

We were at my dads house, just sitting in the garage, when my daughter noticed it flying along the top of the wall.

I turned in time to see it fall, so I put on some gloves and went to pick it up.

Sure enough, it was a hummingbird.

The poor little bird was wrapped up in spider webs. As I picked him up, I could see that he was tired.

This bird let me clean him up, and seemed to know what I was doing. He lifted his wings and let me remove the webs that were underneath.

He opened his feet, so that I could pull the webs off. He didn't even flinch when I cleaned his beak or his eyes.

And he even posed for pictures!

Once he was clean, he stayed in the gloves for about ten minutes before flying away.

The whole experience was incredible and made us all smile. I miss that bird.