Marvel Universe LIVE is coming to NRG Stadium February 6-15 and this show is amazing! I got to see it when I went to Charlotte.

As a comic book reader, this show blew me away. All of my favorite characters, IN PERSON, battling the forces of evil.

Thor, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Hulk, Black Widow, Falcon, Captain Marvel...and those are just some of the good guys!

You like bad guys? Get ready for Loki, Green Goblin, Rhino, Electro, The Lizard, and more!

Take a look at the stage...

I know it looks innocent and unassuming, but before you know it, it's filled with lasers, repulsor rays, fire, battles, jeeps, motorcycles, and all out action!

You and your kids will love it!

You can find out more about it here and get tickets here.

And yes, feel free to come in costume!