There's an awesome new show coming out August 13th at 8:00pm on TNT, called Legends. It stars some of my favorite actors...Sean Bean, Ali Larter, and Morris Chestnut...and I had to go undercover to meet them.

A legend is a character that is created to fulfill a mission. It's an alternate identity. For me...I was no longer Jay Rodriguez....I was Johan van Der Boor.

Shortly after arriving in Los Angeles, I received a text message. The game was afoot!

I studied up on the show by reading the book by Robert Littel. Legends has everything I could possibly ask for. Yes, it has action and drama...but it's ultimately about a man trying to do the right thing. He's trying to juggle his family life with his work life...or should I say, work "lives"? 

My missions took me to several locations around Los Angeles. Here's a quick look...

I started at The London West Hollywood then went to Good Times At Davey Waynes, La Descarga, No Vacancy, and Lock & Key. I had to locate clues at each location that would send me to my next location. Everything was fine until I got back to my room and found this on my mirror...

My cover was slipping. But as I studied the intelligence that I gathered, I knew I was ready to meet the group. My final destination led me to some interrogation rooms at an undisclosed location where I got to geek out and interview some of my favorites!

That's Producer Howard Gordon with me and Sean Bean!

That's Producer David Wilcox with me and Morris Chestnut.

And that's me and Ali Larter.

I had a great time in Los Angeles and it was such a treat for me to meet the cast. I can't wait for Legends to debut.

You'll be hearing me talk about the show on the air soon. And you'll be hearing my interviews too!

In the meantime, you can learn more here.

Legends will premiere Wednesday August 13th at 8pm on TNT.