I survived the zombie outbreak at Reliant Stadium.

Remember when I blogged about this? Well, it was Houston's turn on Saturday.

I showed up at Reliant Stadium ready to tackle The Walking Dead Escape. It's an obstacle course that takes about 35-40 minutes to run through. Not only are you having to hurdle over barricades, crawl under fallen fences, and make it to the finish line....but you have to avoid zombies too!

Once you arrive at Reliant, you can choose to be a runner (Survivor), a zombie (Walker), or a spectator. I chose to be a runner. It was so much fun!

The course ran through several level of Reliant Stadium. I think my favorite part was being able to jump from car to car to avoid the zombies. The scariest part was having to go through the school bus.

If you love The Walking Dead TV show, I hope you made it out to this awesome event.

Big thanks to all the participants and spectators that made the event so memorable. You can see more pics below.