What the heck is this about?!

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Why would he do this?

This happened at Texans training camp yesterday. He had been out a couple days because of an injury, so the media wanted to talk to him after he returned to the practice field.

I don't think he wanted to talk to them.

In my opinion, Foster is in the wrong. These reporters are asking legitimate questions. This city, and the people in it, love our football team. We love Foster, Johnson, Watt, Clowney, Toro....EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. 

We can't wait for the season to start. We love this game, we love the players, and we love to feel like a part of the team.

It's an attitude like this that really irritates me. I would say either answer the questions or don't talk to the reporters.

How hard is it to tell the truth here? Just say, "I feel good". "I tweaked my knee, but I'm okay". "I was a little under the weather".

There are many of us that can't make it to see the team practice...or even go to the games, so these reporters are there for us.

I get that he probably gets asked the same questions every day, but I think that comes with the job. You're a well-loved personality. You're a household name. Kids wear your jersey. Adults wear your jersey. I wear your jersey. 

Don't make us the butt of your jokes.

I hope you have a great year Foster. I mean that. We believe in you.

Go Texans.