Guest: Dr. Elizabeth Rowlands, veterinarian & volunteer.


It's a harsh assessment but it's also 100 percent true: Houstonians are responsible for killing 80,000 pets per year. That's about 220 furry souls per day. The vast majority of them are dogs and cats and they are healthy enough to be adopted out. There just aren’t enough families to take them in. That is what is most heartbreaking to me: of those healthy animals we destroy, the vast majority would make good pets. But because we are irresponsible as a society, because we do not make spaying and neutering our pets part of our laws, the city has to kill tens of thousands of animals every year - and that's just here in Houston. We talk about the solution to this preventable massacre.


There are low-cost clinics which will spay and neuter animals for little to no cost for those who cannot afford the procedures. One of those orgs is S.N.A.P., The Spay-Neuter Assistance Program. Go to their website to see how you can take advantage of their many services.

Talk about this. It's only by raising awareness that we can stop the killings.