So there are a few movies coming out this Holiday weekend and you may be asking yourself, "Gee, what movie should I see this weekend?" Well, everyone has different taste in films, but I for one can tell you which one you should NOT be rushing out to throw your cash at and that is Johnny Depp's newest film Transcendence. Sure that may be harsh to say, but let's take a few minutes to break this one down.

First off, this movie, for those of you who don't know is about scientists playing God by creating a fully self aware computer. One the brink of their moment of glory an ant-electronic terrorist group puts into motion a full attack on some of the best brains in the science community, one of which is Will Caster (Depp), which is the leading man in this field. After an injury that leaves his condition terminal, his wife Evelyn (Rebecca Hall) and best friend Max Waters (Paul Betteny) decide to use their mega brains to upload Will's conscience into a computer so he can live on in the digital world. Now with Will's ever growing need for more power and the terrorist group hot on their heels, this should all work out just peachy. 

So the idea behind this movie sounds cool. Predictable, but cool. The movie opens like a scene out of the game The Last of Us (If you want a story better than this one, go play that game).  So I am thinking, okay, maybe this will be pretty good. After two VERY long hours I emerged from the theater thinking, are you kidding me? The movie has a problem with dragging on forever. Seriously, they pour over boring details, when they could have easily made this movie half an hour shorter and much more intense. 

The acting and dialog is about as exciting as you might think it would be and the overall story is beyond predictable because the movie begins with the present and the rest of the film is a flashback, so you pretty much know where things are headed. And let me just say it is a looooong road to go down before we get back to where we started. 

Overall, save your cash. I would rate this movie a D. D for dragging on forever. D for the depression I felt for having given two hours of my life to this movie. and D for just flat out disappointing.