The wait is finally over, Divergent has arrived in theaters, leaving most of the fans excited and a little nervous hoping that Hollywood can delivery the movie that has been living in out heads since we all read the books. Will this be an epic ride like the Hunger Games and Harry Potter? Or will this be a major let down like Vampire Academy and dare I say it Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (Yes, I am still SUPER bitter about that one). So a couple days ago, I along with my family piled into the theater to see the screening of Divergent, and I gotta say....THANK YOU HOLLYWOOD!  Now this movie is pretty good, but hardcore fans may be a little miffed to see the few changes that had to be made to transition this awesome book into a movie, but overall it was really enjoyable.



The story centers around Tris (Shailene Woodley), who lives in the future where society has fallen into ruins and as a result, the leaders have decided that the only way to maintain order is to separate people into 5 different factions based on the virtue they most closely follow. You have Erudite - Intelligence, Amity - Kindness, Candor - Honesty, Abegnation - Selflessness, Dauntless - Brave. Most people fit into one category alone, but a few can fit multiple categories and those are referred to as Divergents. 


This photo actually sums up the whole plot.


The story stays pretty close to the book for the most part. This movie will be more enjoyable for those who either haven't read the book or who have read it awhile ago. I, unfortunately, had just recently finished the trilogy and was able to see all too well all the changes that had been made which just made me annoyed with myself more than anything. My biggest complaint about the film was that they seemed to breeze over a lot of the things that the book really made key plot points. Like Tris's rise to being the head of her class and going from one of the weakest to one of the strongest. We also miss a lot of why the character Peter (Miles Teller) is such a jerk. In the movie he sucks, but you don't hate him because they don't show you enough reasons to. I get that they had to take out quite a few things to keep the movie from being 3 hours long, but there are just a few things I wish we could of had more of.



Overall, I enjoyed watching this book come to life. And I think most fans are going to love it. It is still fun, plenty of action and train jumping. The casting was actually pretty spot on for this film as well. Everyone nails their parts and it all works so well with this film. Overall, I have to give Divergent an A-. It will no doubt be killing it, in the box office this weekend, and it is worth checking out.


Told ya...