Chef is the latest film from actor and director Jon Favreau. Is this film Favreau plays Chef Carl Casper, a once edgy, up and coming Chef who has fallen into a rut. He is giving a chance to redeem himself at the restaurant he is currently working for, when one of the internet’s biggest food bloggers decides to pay them a visit. Of course instead of going with his instincts and creating a culinary master piece the restaurant owner convinces him to serve the same boring dishes he has been serving and the result is of course, a total disaster. After igniting a twitter war over the incident and losing his job, Carl finds himself turning a new chapter is his life….opening his own food truck.

I will say the timing for a movie like this could not be better. The food truck craze has taken the world by storm and even I admit to be swept up in it. So the idea of checking out a movie about a guy who loses everything, only to recreate himself as one of the hottest food trucks in town, is more than a little appealing. There are some really funny and also some really touching moments in this film, which I loved.  This story is about food, but it is mostly about relationships. At the heart of this story is a man who is struggling to be the best he can at what he loves, and who is also trying to juggle being a decent father to his son and getting his love life in order.  Emjay Anthony who plays Carl’s son, Percy, does a great job in this film. He tugs at your heart strings when you can see a kid who desperately wants his father’s attention and is trying so hard to get it. They two work well on-screen together.


Another performance that was just delightful to watch was John Leguizamo. He play’s Martin Chef Casper’s right hand man and comic relief. This is one of the best roles I have seen him play in awhile and I really enjoyed it. It reminded me of why I liked him as an actor in the first place.



Overall, I would give Chef a B+. It was a fun, uplifting movie that shows just how easily when one door closes another can open up for you. Chef is now playing in theaters around town, so take some time this weekend and check it out, then hit up the Houston Food Truck Park on St. Emmanuel and get some delicious food truck fair of your own.