The Houston Police Department has some great tips for getting our kids back to school safely! See what they had to say below


•Be cautious when driving through school zones. When you see a school bus, use extra caution and watch for darting children.

•Make sure your child knows his/her name, home phone number and address.

•Go over safety and stranger danger rules- If you don't have a "code word" establish one now and teach your child about only going with adults who know the code word.

•Get to know your children's friends.

•Make sure your child knows playground etiquette as well as being patient and taking turns.

If you are a parent with older children:

•If your child is staying home for the first time, talk to your children about rules for staying home alone and establish guidelines for when it is acceptable to answer the door or telephone.

•Reinforce to your child to remain aware of their surroundings when alone.

•Talk to your child about their day, classes, activities and friends.

•Teach your child about setting goals and time management.