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According to a new study by the makers of Vaseline, the average woman wastes over $300,000 worth of beauty products in her lifetime. 

Women buy 6,495 different products, including 840 moisturizers, 360 nail polishes, and 300 lipsticks ... and only use 10% of them.  So, they spend about $330,000 total, and 90% of the stuff doesn't get used.

The five things women waste the most are nail polish, shampoo, lipstick, perfume, and shower gel.  But one thing that doesn't go to waste is deodorant.  The average woman uses it three times a day.

The study also found that men buy 960 beauty products over their lifetime, or about 12 a year.  And they use all of them.  Plus, one in four men admit they sometimes use their wife's stuff.

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