Hey Dana,

     1st I want to say thank you so much for
letting me in the station and letting me interview you. I got a lot of great information!! I felt that "family oriented" feeling Sunny portrays through the radio right at the station. Thank you so so much for the opportunity!

     You wanted me to tell you about how I've lost weight this summer. (And still am!) Like I told you before, my mother and I went to the doctor's office for a yearly checkup. My blood levels were normal, but my Mother's were higher than deemed normal. The doctor scolded my mother and told her, "Do you want to be like every Hispanic old woman and carry a tote filled with medicines? Do you want to live to see your daughter marry? Do you want to see your grand kids? Help raise your grand kids?! If so, then I suggest you start being healthy."

     Usually, I wouldn't have let anyone speak to my mother like that. But then I thought, "I want my mom to help raise my children, heck, I want to see my grand kids too! I don't want to be the typical old woman either!" So although the scolding was towards my Mother, it finally clicked, "I need to lose weight"

     So I went to another doctor closer to my home, and asked for some help. I was given a meal plan and it helped A LOT. It consisted of only vegetables and protein. And walking for an hour a day. After 3 days, I passed out. I was not used to such a healthy lifestyle and neither was my body. But I still pushed myself to get used to it. Sometimes I would throw away a coke I started drinking or spit out a cookie that I started eating. My mother would get so mad at me for pushing myself (and for throwing a box of Oreos away!) anyway, weeks passed an after a month, I lost 12 pounds. My doctor was surprised! She expected me to only lose 4! I have more energy, more power, I can actually run 4mph for 15 min straight! It has been 9 weeks, and I have lost 25 pounds!!!! I was considered obese, now I'm considered overweight. My main goal isn't to show off a perfect body. But to enjoy my life to the fullest. So the next delicious fast food item that one eats, may prevent one from attending their child's graduation, their child's marriage, and even their grand child's 1st birthday.

Thanks for everything!