California scientists say they can take proteins and run them through a heating, cooling and pressure process which basically mimics good old beef.  Call it beef 2.0.  You get all the benefits and none of the negatives of the stuff we get from cows.  Texas Beef Council V.P. Richard Wortham says those negatives have been overstated.

“Folks say, well, it contains so much fat,” Wortham points out.  “But, if you look at the content of the fat in beef, half of that is monounsaturated, and that's the same heart-healthy fat that you find in olive oil.”

Wortham says this is no threat to Texas livestock producers and their market -- even though a hi-tech company called Beyond Meat says it's seeing a growing market.

Wortham says beef is healthy.

“Lean beef is one of the most flavorful and efficient ways to meet your daily requirements for essential nutrients,” he says.

Beyond Meat says it doesn’t want to create niche, luxury products for vegetarians and vegans.  It wants to be right on the shelves of major grocery chains like H.E.B. and Walmart.