Do you remember IBM main-frames that took up an entire room?  Computers are now small enough, powerful enough and cheap enough to become part your wardrobe. 

Some of those are useful in maintaining good health, such as wristbands that monitor pulse, heart rate, calories burned and number of steps walked.

“Wearable technology is really nothing new,” says Michael Garfield, the High-Tech Texan.  “People have been wearing pocket watches and compasses for generations and generations.  The fact is technology is getting faster, smarter and cheaper so more and more companies are coming up with devices you can wear on your person so you don’t have to carry them around in your purse or pocket.”

A fashion show in San Francisco earlier this week featured wearable technology. 

Among the items that gained attention were a sweater that changes colors with the mood of the wearer – blue for calm and red for angry.  Music players that match your stored music to your heartbeat.  And vacuum-cleaner shoes that help you clean up as you walk.

“The things that are coming out within in the next 3 to 8 months – we’ve got Samsung coming out with a smart watch, and Apple is rumored to have a watch that wirelessly moves all the information from your phone onto your wrist with built in cameras,” Garfield told KTRH News.  “We’ve got the Google Glass, and I think that could potentially be a game changer.  But you have to keep in mind with all this technology, how much privacy is there?  Do people really want to walk around potentially being videotaped by other people?  Technology, one step forward, two steps back.”