There are more worries now about global warming, especially now that the United Nations has released a study about climate change that it says is “profound.”

If left unchecked, the report says the risks include extreme weather, flooding and even widespread hunger. The report says a warmer world will push food prices higher, but Steve Pringle of the Texas Farm Bureau has a tough time believing that part of the study.

“I’m very skeptical about statements to that extent. I don’t see food prices getting a lot higher,” Pringle told KTRH.

Pringle says the scientists simply aren’t seeing what the farmers see on a day-to-day and year-to-year basis. And what the farmers see doesn’t coincide with what scientists see, especially when it comes to producing food.

“If it was proven that global warming would reduce food production that would make a difference. But right now I don’t see that,” Pringle stated.

But beef prices have gone up over the last year. However Pringle says that didn’t happen because of climate change.

“We’ve got high beef prices because of the drought we had in 2012 and the cattle numbers are not where they need to be,” Pringle explained.

And as far as warmer weather, Pringle says Texas farmers would tell you the scientists didn’t spend the winter in Texas.

"It’s been an extremely cold winter for most producers,” Pringle told KTRH.

The Obama Administration is taking the UN report seriously. They are targeting the dairy industry to reduce methane emissions, some of which come from cow flatulence. However, levels of methane emission have fallen across the board for the last 24 years.