A recent analysis shows more than 90-percent of campaign contributions from trial lawyers go to the Democratic party.

Some would say that explains the recent court rulings nationwide.

The newly election chairman of the Harris County Republican Party believes it goes much deeper than that.

“The money they're pumping into elections is not to help everyday Americans, it doesn't help businesses, it doesn't help our families, they just want to line their own pockets,” says Paul Simpson.

Lane Lewis at the local Democratic Party had a different take.

“The majority of trial lawyers that I have met are really bright, smart individuals,” Lewis tells KTRH News.  “If it is 90-percent contributing to the Democrats, I'd say there's the proof.”

The problem say Republicans, is allowing those Democrats to legislate from the bench.

“We want a fair shake in the courtroom, we want a balance in the courthouse, we want a sense of justice coming from the bench,” says Lewis.

Current Harris County GOP chairman Jared Woodfill says its not that lawyers don't support Republicans, but candidates need to get their message out.

“A lot of times its us a party not going into these communities and telling them what we believe and what we stand for,” says Woodfill.  “Once we communicate on this, we have a whole lot of converts who believe the exact same way.”