Governor Perry has landed his first whale.  Toyota has announced they are moving their headquarters from California to Texas.

Toyota had been located in Torrance, CA for over 50-years before deciding to move to Plano, TX.  Along with the headquarters will come Toyota Financial and 5,000 employees.

But, Toyota is just another notch in Rick Perry's belt as more than 60 businesses have moved to Texas as of 2012.  Perry has been taking his "Texas Wide Open for Business" campaign to multiple states.

Jeffrey L. Boney is with the Texas Business Alliance and says Toyota isn't the only California company moving to Texas, "You have companies like Websense who's relocating its corporate headquarters from San Diego to Austin creating 445 new jobs."

Toyota is expecting to invest over $300 million in the move eventually creating 4,000 jobs.  The car-maker is getting over $40 million in exchange for their investment from the Texas Enterprise Fund.