More than 120,000 Americans are waiting for an organ transplant during what's considered an organ donation shortage. Experts say the only real answer is for more of us to agree to donate our organs when we die.

Laura Davis at Houston's Life Gift says there's no getting around it, we need more organ donors.

"There are three ways in the state of Texas to register as an organ donor. You can go to; sign up takes about 60 seconds. You can also go to any DPS office across the state and sign up when you renew your driver's license."

Davis says organ donors are typically in short supply and unfortunately most organs require the donor's death.

"There's really no alternative and it's a point of education and encouraging people that if they are in that situation -- say they're loved one is in that situation -- that they think about donation as a possible option."

The good news is there has been an increase in recent years of live organ donations.