Scientists in China this week were surprised to discover that their female panda was only faking a pregnancy because it brought her better accommodations in an air-conditioned room and nicer treats.

Critters are smart.

KTRH pet expert Dr. Brian Beale says housebroken dogs know they aren't supposed to mess inside.  “Dogs that have an accident in the house, they usually don’t do it right in front of you, unless they are stressed or anxious and that is a kind of involuntary event.  But they’ll go off and hide in a certain area and do their doodie because they’re embarrassed to do it in front of you,” Dr. Beale tells KTRH News.

Two rats in a box, one in a plastic tube that the other can open.  Five chocolate chips dropped in the box.  What does the loose rat do?  Frees the other rat before eating, and eats, on average, 3 ½ chocolate chips, sharing the other 1 ½ pieces of chocolate.  This experiment has been repeated over and over in tests, prompting scientists to say animals are not only intelligent, they are empathetic.  They’re often kind, sympathetic, and surprising smart.

Parrots have been shown to not just mimic words but to understand their meanings, and orangutans taught sign language have shown they can create sentences.