A Texas judge again declares the state's ``Robin Hood'' school finance system unconstitutional, adding it doesn't share funding fairly between wealthy and poor areas.

The state has been fighting over school funding since lawmakers cut over five-billion dollars from education back in 2011.  Despite restoring much of that last year, the judge ruled the whole system is financially insufficient.

“It is not structured, operated and funded in order to actually achieve the goals that we've set in Texas,” says attorney David Thompson who represented Fort Bend ISD schools in the lawsuit.

“Nothing in the decision interferes with the current operation of the property tax system, particularly as we go through the appeal process and as the Legislature works to address the weaknesses in the system,” he tells KTRH News.

And the state's attorney general's office is expected to appeal the ruling to the Texas Supreme Court.

“We conceivably could get a decision by fall of 2015,” says Thompson.  “In the meantime, we hope the Legislature will begin the hard work of addressing some of the issues that have been identified.  We don't think we should just sit and wait.”