The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports US electric consumers are paying record-high prices to keep the air conditioners running.  Living in Texas, you avoid the sticker shock on your next bill.  CenterPoint business development manager Troy Donovan says the two main reasons are -- most of our electricity is created in plants powered by cheaper natural gas, and there are 45 retail electric providers competing for your business.

“We have a lot of motivation to do so,” he says, “because price is a big driver for consumers to switch from one retail electric provider to another.”

He says the price has been trending down in Houston over the last two weeks.

“We were teetering right around that 13-cent range,” Donovan says.  “Prices today have dropped to about 10 and a half cents.  If we were to look onto, there are dozens of offers right there in that range.”

Texas rates in June were well over 15 percent below the national average per kilowatt hour.