Your kids are likely getting ready this week for their annual standardized tests, but one Texas couple took a stand against the STAAR tests and won’t allow their son, a fourth grader, to take them.

Kyle Massey is a long time educator. He and his wife both teach at Baylor University and tells KTRH their fourth grader has nothing to lose by sitting the test out.

“These tests have no bearing on whether or not he is promoted to the next grade,” Massey said. “They are not part of his grades or report card.”

In fact, Massey says the only thing the tests do is stress kids out.

“High stakes standardized tests have never been shown to help student achievement. In fact they have been shown to limit the learning of students,” Massey explained.

This is not a new argument that Massey has been having with the Waco ISD. In fact they've gone back and forth with the school district about this for over a year, and Waco ISD has finally given in to the Masseys.

“They have created a process whereby parents can refuse the tests, and their kids can attend school and get instruction on all days including testing days,” Massey stated. “For us, opting out was a no-brainer.

Massey says what he and his wife have done mean you can object as well if you feel the same way about the tests as they do.