The Texans improved to 2-0 on the 2013 season by beating the Tennessee Titans in the home opener 30-24. The Texans came back from a 24-16 fourth quarter deficit to force overtime.

But if you were watching on television you might have noticed that many fans gave up and left Reliant Stadium early. The fans who stuck around weren’t happy with the ones that left.

“You just can’t give up on your team,” Greis Perez told KTRH.

Lindsay Johnson told KTRH that, “I don’t like it. If you’re a true Texans fan you’re going to stay until the very last second.”

Johnson and Perez were more upset that fans left early than they were about how long it took to get into the game.

“It was a little tough. We left earlier because we expected a big crowd and it was a good thing that we did.

Perez had no problems getting to the stadium. Parking her car, though, was a different story.

“I had to park far away from my friends,” Perez said.

There has been a lot of talk about the NFL's new bag policy. And that policy didn't go over well with the crowd.

“I think the new policy could be a little more lenient towards purses,” Perez said.

“Look at this bag,” Johnson complained. “Look how jam packed it is. I can’t fit half of my stuff in this bag. And I don’t like the clear look.”

Another thing that had people talking was Vanilla Ice’s halftime performance. Apparently it was a big hit.

“I thought it was a great show, really good,” Johnson said.

Perez said that, “Everybody in my section loved it. No one got up to leave until after he performed.”

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