If you’ve ever looked at your neighbor and wondered how they pay for that luxury car or how they seem to take exotic trips every year on a salary that isn’t nearly as high as yours, you don’t have to wonder anymore.

A new study shows there might be a ‘dirty little secret’ going on behind closed doors.

And that dirty little secret is paying for everything with a credit card that winds up going to collections. The Urban Institute says 35% of you have 'delinquent debt.' Researcher Caroline Ratcliffe told KTRH she didn't expect the results she got.

“It’s a stunning number. It spreads through nearly all communities,” Ratcliffe said.

This seems to be an even bigger problem in states like Texas, where 40% of you have some kind of delinquent debt. Joe D'Amico of Elite Financial says people sometimes have their financial priorities screwed up.

“People forget what’s important. When it comes to your money you have to focus on your needs and not your wants,” D’Amico explained.

But before you think that 35% number is just people not paying their bills, Ratcliffe says this isn't all living beyond your means. The study found some of this debt may not totally be your fault.

“It could be a medical bill that you think the insurance picked up but didn’t. It could be a membership fee or parking ticket, too.”

Some of you may be wondering if the recession of 2008 is playing a role here. Ratcliffe and D’Amico both say it could, but there is no way to tell exactly how much of a role it’s playing.