Americans continue to renounce their U.S. citizenship in record droves, and many blame new rules making it harder to hide assets from tax authorities.

About 3,000 Americans gave up their U.S. citizenship in 2013, another 1,500 before July First this year, when new tax rules went into effect.

“We are seeing wealthy people who have in fact elected to renounce their citizenship so they would not be subject to world wide taxation,” says Houston immigration attorney Gordan Quan.

Grover Norquist at Americans for Tax Reform says the exodus started with Obamacare, and has only gotten worse since.

“Its all fixable, incredibly fixable, very easily fixed and President Obama has not lifted finger one to do so,” Norquist tells KTRH News.

“First thing we should do is go to a territorial tax system like all the normal countries,” he says. 

“And the government should say we'll tax you on money you earn inside the United States, and if you decide to travel to France for two years, we'll let the French steal your money and we'll leave you alone,” says Norquist.  “When you come back, we'll start taxing you in the United States.”