Earlier this week we told you that President Obama is considering using Executive Action to give refugee status to Honduran children hoping to migrate to the United States. But, apparently that’s not the only time the President is thinking of using his pen.

He's reportedly thinking about allowing parents of US citizens to apply for temporary legal status. Another order could involve allowing parents of kids here under deportation deferrals temporary legal status. Curtis Collier at US Border Watch told KTRH these moves would lead to even more people coming.

“It forms a chain migration. One family member allows another family member in. That paves the path for another family member,” Collier explained.

The President has said he may do immigration reform on his own because Congress hasn’t acted. Collier says if he does, it’s for one reason.

“He wants to grant amnesty to every illegal alien in this country,” Collier stated.

These executive orders may happen within a few weeks.

Guest workers freezing you out of the middle class?

All of these moves by the President potentially could affect your ability to stay in the middle class. Some think companies would rather have foreign workers here under the guest worker policy than Americans. Lone Star College economics professor Hank Lewis says he thinks that's true.

“Some of these foreign workers are fresh out of college, are eager and productive. Companies are taking advantage of a lower cost alternative than hiring an American worker,” Lewis said. “If you can keep your costs down by either employing fewer people or employing people that won’t demand higher wages you can make huge profits.”

Lewis says he knows IT workers that have been unable to get jobs after being laid off years ago because of guest workers making less money.